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Underpinnings Museum Twitter Conference, 12 Jan 2018

As part of its quest to bring the history of underwear to a wider audience, making collections and research freely accessible online, The Underpinnings Museum is hosting a Twitter conference on Friday 12th January 2018.


Lift & Separate: Technology & The Bra The Underpinnings Museum

How did technological advances affect bra-making? What were the wider reaching social consequences? Discover fascinating facts through this new exhibition boasting more than 30 rare and historically significant objects spanning from the 1900s to the 1970s. Exploring shifts in fashionable bust shape, comfort and attitudes to women’s bodies throughout the 20th century, the exquisite exhibits include a couture 1930s Kestos bra, an original Dior 1950s longline bra, 1900s garments and luxury pieces by French heritage design house Cadolle! Explore now.

The Big Reveal display case at London College of Fashion. Photo by Karolina Laskowska, graphics and curation by Gill MacGregor. The Underpinnings Museum
The Underpinnings Museum Unboxing. Videos by Sarah Hardcastle at London College of Fashion

Between February to May 2017, The Underpinnings Museum worked directly with MA students at London College of Fashion as part of their collaborative unit. Students Gill MacGregor and Sarah Hardcastle worked together on a project that saw the creation of our first ever physical exhibition and a series of videos exploring select archive pieces in detail.

View the digital exhibition of ‘The Big Reveal’

View the video series ‘Unboxing’

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