'Calliope' Embroidered Overbust Corset By Tighter Corsets

Calliope corset by Tighter Corsets. The Underpinnings Museum. Photography by Tigz Rice

Date: 2016

Origin: Duvall WA, United States

Fabric: Silk Satin, coutil, satin ribbon, silk floss, antique alenciennes lace, leavers lace. Linen/cotton blend lining.  Cotton twill waist tape.  A combination of flat steel and spiral steel.

Brand: Tighter Corsets

Designer: April Pullen


Calliope was commissioned as a bridal corset and also a contestant in the 2016 Foundations Revealed Corsetry Contest.  Calliope is a modified reproduction of an antique corset in the corset pattern collection of Joëlle Verne of Atelier Sylphe.  Atelier Sylphe corset patterns are meticulously drafted from Joelle’s personal antique corsets.  This corset was made using singly layer construction with applied internal bone casings and a floating lining.  All binding and embellishments were carefully stitched by hand.  The construction of this corset is recorded in this dress diary.


Photographed at the Oxford Conference of Corsetry 2017, garment loaned by April Pullen.

Museum number: OC-2017-007


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