Floral Brocade Coutil Corset With Suspenders & Lace Trim By K&S

Floral Brocade Coutil Corset With Suspenders & Lace Trim By K&S, c. 1910s, Sweden. The Underpinnings Museum. Photography by Tigz Rice

Date: c. 1910s

Origin: Sweden

Fabric: Floral brocade coutil

Brand: K&S


This corset’s silhouette is typical of ‘Titanic era’ fashion, with a smooth flowing line and long line. It is lightly constructed, with a single layer of floral brocade coutil. The pattern is constructed from a combination of vertically seamed panels and gores with lapped seam construction.

The garment is structured with a range of narrow and wide flat steel bones, encased within interior herringbone coutil channels. The busk and centre back eyelet panel are both faced with this same herrinbone coutil.  The bones do not extend through the entire length of the corset, and channels are interrupted with a row of machine lockstitch.

There are two pairs of suspenders, placed at the centre front and sides of the garment. The elastic is an elaborate design and has silk details woven in, and the adjusters and suspender clip have intricate filigree designs. Each suspender grip is stamped with ‘rubber bottom’.

The top and bottom edges of the corset are encased in a cotton tape. The top edge is decorated with a row of cotton leavers lace with an ivory silk ribbon slot, and a silk ribbon rosette at the centre front. The front busk fastening has 5 rows of loops and pins, with each loop featuring a stamped ‘K&S’ brand name and crown logo. The back fastens with lacing through single part eyelets. The original lacing has been lost and was replaced with contemporary cotton lacing for these photos.

The interior facing of the busk is stamped with the K&S brand logo, a crown, and the text ‘INREG. VARUMÄRKE’ (registered trademark). 


From the collection of Karolina Laskowska

Museum number: KL-2017-042


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