Knitted Brassiere Advert By Arista

Knitted Brassiere Advert By Arista, c. 1930s, France. The Underpinnings Museum

Date: c. 1930s

Origin: France

Brand: Arista


This 1930s advertisement for a knit brassiere is from the French brand Arista. Translated into English, the copy advertises that the brassiere in the photograph is “knitted in shape, without sewing.” It also describes a version with the addition of a “stomach panel” as “ideal for larger persons,” though the brassiere can be bought without it. The lower copy informs readers that a free brochure can be procured by contacting 54 Avenue de Clichy, Paris. A department store advertisement published in the July 5, 1936 edition of the French newspaper La République de l’Est mentions Arista foundations alongside other popular lingerie brands such as Warner’s and Kestos.

The slightly lifted bustline aligns with the fashionable silhouette of the 1930s. This 1930s French bra, though somewhat more luxurious in its use of lace and silk rather than tricote, is comparable in its silhouette and structure.


Many thanks to Katherine Shark for the object description and research.

From the collection of The Underpinnings Museum

Museum number: UPM-2023-002


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