Lace Appliqué Fully Fashioned Stockings By Jacques Fath

Jacques Fath couture lace appliqué stockings Photography by Tigz Rice Studios The Underpinnings Museum

Date:  1954

Origin: France

Fabric: Nylon

Brand: Jacques Fath

It was on January 28th, 1954 that the Haute Couture fashion house Jacques Fath introduced their first ready-to-wear range of stockings, described at the time by Vogue as ‘the latest in fancy stockings’.  These stockings were purchased at their launch from Harvey Nichols, and have been kept unworn and in their original packaging.

These fine, nylon stockings are fully fashioned, with a re-enforced heel and toe. The welt (top band) of the stocking is intricately embellished with machine-stitched leavers lace appliqué.  This level of embellishment is rarely seen on commercial items in the modern fashion market and marks these stockings as an exquisitely and definitively luxury product.

The Parisian couture house of Jacques Fath was opened in 1937, quickly rising to prominence and critical acclaim. Much of his inspiration is said to have come from Fath’s wife and muse Geneviève. Upon Fath’s death in 1954 (the same year that these stockings were released), she oversaw the house until its final closure in 1957.


From the collection of Karolina Laskowska

Museum Number: KL-2016-012


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