'Naga' Lingerie Set By Studio Pia

'Naga' Lingerie Set By Studio Pia, 2019, designed in the UK and made in Romania. The Underpinnings Museum. Photography by Tigz Rice.

Date: 2019

Origin: UK & Romania

Fabric: Embroidered tulle, silk satin

Brand: Studio Pia


A longline bra and brief set, showcasing an embroidered sheer tulle with custom designed snake motifs. The garments are both adjustable with silk encased elastic strapping and gold plated hardware. These garments are created with ‘Peace’ silk satin, a variety of silk fibre that is harvested from silkworm cocoons after the insect has already emerged (standard silk is created by boiling cocoons alive, to prevent breakage and damage to the silk fibres).

Studio Pia was founded in 2016 by designer Pia Harpur Conaghan. Her desire was to create a brand that combined ethics with luxury, and challenged the assumptions about the aesthetics of ethical fashion. A lifelong vegetarian, Pia opted to use only organic ‘Peace’ silk in her designs. The Studio Pia label is now renowned in the industry for its luscious custom designed embroideries and signature adjustable sizing with silk covered strapping.


From the collection of Karolina Laskowska

Museum number: KL-2022-042


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