'Salon Rose' Sheer Mesh & Ribbon Slot Lace Trim Babydoll By Marks & Spencers

'Salon Rose' Sheer Mesh & Ribbon Slot Lace Trim Babydoll By Marks & Spencers, c. 1999-2000, UK. The Underpinnings Museum. Photography by Tigz Rice.

Date: c. 1999-2000

Origin: UK

Fabric: Synthetic tulle

Brand: Marks & Spencer


The ‘Salon Rose’ range was released by retailer Marks & Spencers in late 1999. The collection was designed by Joe Corré and Serena Rees, the founders of luxury, erotic brand Agent Provocateur. Although one of the most popular undergarment retailers in Britain, Marks & Spencer designs had a reputation of reliability, but conservative design. Conversely, Agent Provocateur was infamous for its risqué products and advertising campaigns: some four years before, their boutiques were decorated with banners proclaiming ‘More S&M Less M&S’. The Salon Rose range was priced much more accessibly than Agent Provocateur collections, and was available in 50 stores across the UK. Referencing their decision to partner with Marks & Spencer, designer Serena Rees said: ‘We want to let people know that sexy underwear doesn’t have to be from some dark, dirty sex shop, it can be beautiful and well-made… Marks & Spencer is a British knickers institution and if we can make a difference to the whole nation’s underwear, we might even spice up their lives, make a difference to their sexuality. Don’t you think that’s exciting?’.

This babydoll is crafted from a variety of sheer mesh fabrics. A plain mesh is pleated into the bustline, framed with a decorative ribbon slotted lace trim. The skirt mesh has a hexagonal style print, and is hemmed with a ruffle of pleated plain mesh. The satin ribbon at the bustline is finished with a central bow, in a pale pink satin shade that is considered a signature of the Agent Provocateur brand.


From the collection of The Underpinnings Museum

Museum number: UPM-2022-020


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