Sheer Cream Silk Stockings With Clocked Ankle By Rosaine Hosiery

The Underpinnings Museum shot by Tigz Rice Studios 2017Sheer Cream Silk Stockings With Clocked Ankle By Rosaine Hosiery, c. 1920s, USA. The Underpinnings Museum. Photography by Tigz Rice

Date: c. 1920s

Origin: United States

Fabric: Silk

Brand: Rosaine Hosiery


These cream stockings are made of an incredibly fine silk, giving a sheer effect against the skin. There are re-enforced panels around the foot and stocking welt, with a sewn seam up the centre back of each stocking. The ankles are decorated with patterned, contrast green clocked motifs. 1920s fashions saw skirt hemlines rise dramatically compared to previous decades, so the visibility of hosiery meant there was much more experimenation with patterns and colours.

The 1920s was arguably the period in which sheer stockings first became popularised. As an indirect consequence, it was also the period in which shaving-related advertising began to target women (and so buy their products), citing the necessity of smooth legs beneath sheer hosiery.

The original label attached to these stockings cites strict washing instructions, highlighting the need to wash the garments gently and avoid harsh chemicals and scrubbing. Silk stockings would have been an expensive luxury at the time, so such instructions would have ensured their longevity as summarised in the final statement ‘They are guaranteed to give satisfaction if taken care of properly.’


From the collection of Karolina Laskowska

Museum number: KL-2017-094


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