'Shy' Coutil & Lace Appliqué Corset By Sparklewren

'Shy' Coutil & Lace Appliqué Corset By Sparklewren, 2014, United Kingdom.

Date: 2014

Origin: United Kingdom

Fabric: Cotton herringbone coutil

Brand: Sparklewren


An underbust corset with a dramatically curved silhouette, crafted in strong but flexible herringbone coutil. This was a bespoke creation for Elle Mosbach, and is delicately embellished with family heirloom lace, forget-me-not motifs that originated from a handkerchief, originally owned by the client’s great-grandmother. A number of the bone channels are hand embroidered with flossing motifs, inspired by historical corsetry. This embroidery style is both decorative and functional, helping to secure the corset bones in place and increasing its lifespan. The garment is structured with a mix of flat and spiral steel bones. The front closure is a traditional metal corset busk, and it opens at the rear with cotton lacing and metal eyelets.

Jenni Hampshire began creating corsets under the moniker ‘Sparklewren’ in 2009. The designer’s background in Fine Art has resulted in a body of work akin to wearable sculpture. Historically inspired silhouettes and construction techniques are paired with lush, opulent embellishment and couture construction techniques. The brand specialises in one-of-a-kind heirloom garments, with each garment taking weeks of carefully considered embellishment and craftsmanship.


A pattern for this garment can be purchased here. 


Kindly loaned to The Underpinnings Museum by Elle Mosbach

Museum number: SP-2020-003


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