Silk Crêpe Drawn Thread Work Step In Teddy

Silk Crepe Drawn Thread Work Step In, c. 1930s, Great Britain. The Underpinnings Museum. Photography by Tigz Rice

Date: c. 1920s

Origin: Great Britain

Fabric: Silk

Brand: Custom made


A step in teddy made from peach silk crêpe, embellished with intricate, hand stitched, drawn thread work and faggoting embroidery. The legs of the step in are delicately pleated at regular intervals. Because the garment is made of silk, these pleats would have washed out each time the garment was laundered, and would need to be laboriously repressed. A facing finishes the neck and leg lines, applied with faggoting embroidery.

The silhouette of this step in is likely from the late 1920s. The bodice is cut as a rectangle with no shaping, in line with the straight cut fashions of the period. The closed gusset is bifurcated, indicating that the garment was likely from the second half of the decade: the earliest closed gusset garments first appeared in the late 1910s and used simple pieces of ribbon to form the gusset.


From the collection of Karolina Laskowska

Museum number: KL-2017-154


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