Structured Cage Bodysuit With Ribbon Lacing By Sparklewren

Structured Cage Bodysuit With Ribbon Lacing By Sparklewren, 2011, UK. The Underpinnings Museum. Photography by Tigz Rice

Date: 2011

Origin: United Kingdom

Fabric: Silk brocade and leather

Brand: Sparklewren


An early experimental piece from the Sparklewren brand, this bodysuit was inspired by structured 18th c. stays. The heavily boned bustline is cropped at the waist, with a cage style structure forming the leg and hip lines. The garment is heavily structured with a mix of spiral and steel bones. The brocade silk body is overlaid with metallic leather decorative bone channels and ‘arrow’ re-enforcing motifs. The original bodysuit had a golden satin ribbon forming the lacing and ties, but has since been replaced with a deeper red ribbon.

Jenni Hampshire began creating corsets under the moniker ‘Sparklewren’ in 2009. The designer’s background in Fine Art has resulted in a body of work akin to wearable sculpture. Historically inspired silhouettes and construction techniques are paired with lush, opulent embellishment and couture construction techniques. The brand specialised in one-of-a-kind heirloom garments, with each garment taking weeks of carefully considered embellishment and craftsmanship.


Kindly loaned to The Underpinnings Museum by Elle Mosbach

Museum number: SP-2020-002


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