Satin & Elastic Boxed Sock Garters By Cambridge Garter

Satin & Elastic Boxed Sock Garters By Cambridge Garter, c. 1930s, England. The Underpinnings Museum. Photography By Tigz Rice.

Date: c. 1930s

Origin:  England

Fabric: Rayon and elastic

Brand: Cambridge Garter


In his 2010 book The story of Men’s Underwear, Dr Shaun Cole writes that:

‘After the invention of Lastex, a rubber thread, in the late 1920s socks appeared with Lastez in the ribbed tops. Self-supporting socks such as Stephens Brothers 1929 patented “Tenova”, with a Lastex band at the top and a semi-circular cut out below it and Samson’s version with a “gentle grip” band of elastic meant that sock suspenders were no longer required to hold socks up.’



From the collection of Lorraine Smith

Museum number: LS-2019-003


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