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  • Maternity & Nursing Corset With Open Bust, Elasticated Panelling & Laced Side Seams By Corset Au Coeur, c. 1910s, France. The Underpinnings Museum. Photography by Tigz Rice

    The End of Maternal Corsetry

    The end of the nineteenth century was marked by several political, economic and social changes that permanently affected the fabric of Western communities. To understand how these changes were reflected in the lives of ordinary people, it can be useful to explore their effect on clothing and more specifically, women’s undergarments. The changes that occurred in breastfeeding garments from 1900-1945 illustrate how social, economic and medical practices shaped the objects being designed during that time.

  • 1930s Kestos style bra, The Underpinnings Museum. Photography by Tigz Rice Studios

    The Changing Fashion Of Breast Shape

    The December issue of British Vogue has generated a lot of discussion in the last week for declaring that cleavage is over. Media outlets were jumping on this story right away, declaring that…

  • 1950s Peter Pan ‘Hidden Treasure’ strapless bra. Donated to London College of Fashion Archives by Lorraine Smith

    Why I Got Involved In The Underpinnings Museum

    I first met Karolina back in 2013, when I went to be fitted for a bespoke lingerie set that she was making for me. After we checked the fit and discussed fabric…